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22. New York/Chicago. Future attorney. Daily musings, rants, and obsessions.

You say you like the chase because it keeps you interested in me. But here’s what I think. You had me. And I shouldn’t have to play games to satiate your poor attention span. You only want me back because I gave up. You want me back because you realize that someone else wants my affection, my devotion, simply, my entirety. You want the side of me that doesn’t give a fuck about you anymore because it’s more fun to play games and make things harder than they have to be. It’s sad that you can’t appreciate what you had. It’s sad that I’m sick of you when just a month ago, I would have done everything in my power to make you stay. Fuck you.

I had a dream that I was dying in a manner of two weeks and that I was starting to slowly deteriorate. That must have been the most horrific feeling I’ve ever felt within a dream and thankfully, it pushed my ass into working harder towards law school.